CCA-Notification of Test Results (NTR)

CCA stands for the CENELEC Certification Agreement. CENELEC (Comité Européen de Normalisation Électrotechnique) is an authoritative European organisation that creates safety standards, including the EN norms. Its members are reputable institutes, research laboratories, and certification bodies. They examine product safety in accordance with the currently binding European standards and issue the respective certificates. These certificates are commonly referred to as the European Certificates, and the European Unian is likely to approve this as their official name.

The certificates provide independent confirmation that:
1. the tested product specimens meet all the requirements of the applicable European safety standards
2. the quality assurance system implemented at the manufacturer’s production facilities for series production guarantees product safety. Inspectors from the certifying institution conduct regular checkups of production facilities.

UL / CSA Certificates

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ® (abbreviated as UL) is a government-approved US company that provides safety certification and develops industrial standards. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) creates Canadian industrial standards and issues certificates. The UL certificates have been issued to our company in conformity with the respective CSA requirements. Our American products are manufactured under regular supervision by UL inspectors. The certificates issued to our company are listed in the UL online catalogue.

B-mark Certificates

The B-mark certificate is a Polish safety mark. Although certification for the B-mark is no longer obligatory (except for products imported from abroad), in the Polish market, products carrying the B-mark still sell better than those without the mark.

VDE Certificates

VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik e.V.) is a very well-known German instution, whose logo is recognized and respected wordlwide. The VDE mark on our electric plugs means that they are produced in accordance with the European standards and are safe to use. The certificate is, strictly speaking, an authorisation to use the mark ("Zeichengenehmigung").

GS / TÜV Certificates

GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit = "Tested Safety") is a very popular German safety mark. Many of our German customers require that the products we offer carry the GS certification mark. Our company operates under regular supervision conducted by inspectors from the GS certifying institution. The certification mark shown in the picture consists of the GS mark proper (on the right) and of the logo of the issuing institution (on the left).


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