LEDDY aquarium lids

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The LEDDY aquarium lids are designed for freshwater aquariums. The lids serve to illuminate the interior of the tank, to protect fish from jumping out, and to reduce water evaporation and heat loss. Manufactured by injection moulding technology, they are exceptionally solid and durable. The lids are equipped with inbuilt lighting and a flap for fish feeding. The unique LEDDY TUBE lighting module, built into the lid, employs technologically advanced LEDs that emit light with a colour temperature similar to that of natural daylight. This kind of light provides proper conditions for the growth of plants and does not distort the natural colours of fish. The LEDDY TUBE module emits more light than a conventional fluorescent lamp while consuming by about 50% less power. Unlike fluorescent lamps, the module does not require frequent replacement. The LEDDY 75 lid provides for the possibility of an easy installation of an additional lighting module, if required. Thanks to the Smart Open system, the lid can be raised without the need for hinges and props. The lid is equipped with a network of tubules to collect condensed water and discharge it back into the tank. At the back of the lid, there are special grooves for the cutting of openings for the installation of canister filters. Importantly, a lid modified in this way retains the manufacturer's warranty.


ProductDimensions [cm]Power [W]Product CodeEAN
LEDDY 40 BLACK 40x25 6 113266 5905546192187
LEDDY 40 WHITE 40x25 6 114323 5905547000863
LEDDY 60 BLACK 60x30 8 113267 5905546192194
LEDDY 60 WHITE 60x30 8 114324 5905547000870
LEDDY 75 BLACK 75x35 16 113268 590554619200
LEDDY 75 WHITE 75x35 16 114325 5905547000887



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